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Welcome to Blue Moon Estate Sales in Chapel Hill, Durham, and Pittsboro

Blue Moon Estate Sales in Chapel Hill, Durham, and Pittsboro serves Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, Pittsboro communities. Sisters Morgan Breakey and Mariah Cope locally own and operate Blue Moon location.  Blue Moon’s process for planning an estate sale takes the burden off of our clients. So whether you are downsizing, moving, or liquidating a loved one’s property, we do all of the legwork to make sure your estate sale is a complete success!

Estate Sale Process:

The following steps occur after your initial phone consultation or email contact with Blue Moon Estate Sales of Chapel Hill, Durham, and Pittsboro North Carolina:

1) Schedule an interview and opportunity for our staff to visit the property and see the items that are part of the estate.

2) With your help, we determine what will be included in the sale. We recommend you don’t pack anything up before this visit as we can sell virtually anything in your house, from antique or fine furniture to the paper products in your kitchen.

3) We will review our contract terms, commission and identify a date or dates for the sale.

4) Upon agreement of the terms, we will sign a contract. Blue Moon Estate Sales of Chatham, Durham and Orange counties will do all of the work from this point on.

5) Our staff will go through and take photos of a variety of the items that will be sold during the estate sale.

6) We pay for all advertising, our staff will stage, price and conduct the sales on the agreed date(s).

7) We will send all receipts and a final check to you 5 days after the completion of the estate sale.