Why Sell with Blue Moon of Charlotte?

Deciding to sell at an estateitem from estate sale in charlotte sale in Charlotte can be an overwhelming idea. But if you’re looking to downsize or have an entire house full of stuff that needs to go, this might be the most lucrative way to get rid of unwanted possessions. People participate in estate sales for any number of reasons including the death of a loved one, a cross-country move, or something as simple as a conscious downsizing of possessions. Planning to sell at an estate sale doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Selecting a team of knowledgeable and experienced estate sale professionals is key in ensuring your sale goes as planned. There can be a lot of moving parts to an estate sale from assessing possessions to displaying them in a way that will entice potential buyers. A quality estate sale firm will know exactly how to execute every detail. With years of experience, the specialists at Blue Moon Estate Sales are committed to consistently doing just that. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and confidence means you can come to us for assistance with every step of the process when electing to sell at an estate sale. Our estate experts have the industry expertise to deliver the best results and generate the most profit possible.

How Does the Process Work?

You’ve decided to sell at an estate sale. So, how does it all work?

(1) Bring in the professionals! Once you decide to sell at an estate sale, you’ll need to contact an estate sales firm to get the ball rolling. Blue Moon Estate Sales offers a complimentary evaluation of your home and possessions.

(2) Evaluate your items. Sort out what you want to sell or keep and what items need to be thrown away. Be sure to also remove any personal information from items that you might sell at an estate sale. Blue Moon Estate Sales professionals will assist you every step of the way and advise you on what is truly fit for sale.

(3) Let the professionals take over. It’s as easy as that. Your estate sales team takes the rest of the responsibilities upon themselves, so you can get the best sales results possible. Blue Moon Estate Sales staffs and hosts your sale, provides tables and display racks, prepares staging areas, promotes expensive items, advertises your sale, and clean up after.

What Are the Benefits of Using Blue Moon?

The benefits of deciding to sell in an estate sale are plentiful. Not only will you reap the proceeds, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently rid your life of unwanted or unused items. The best part is you’ll have help doing it! Our process begins by a free consultation in your home to review our services and evaluate what you want to sell at an estate sale.  We establish a date for your sale and take hundreds of professional photos to begin our online advertising campaigns.  Our extensive research of your more unique and valuable pieces helps us get your items sold and at the best possible prices.

While we have many great services, we are especially proud of our staging and pricing skills.  As one of the most effective ways to promote a sale, our estate sale teams understand staging and making the environment conducive to a sale whether your home is big or small, old or new, metropolitan or rural.  Our teams then price and tag every item in the sale at fair market value.  This fair market value is determined from our past sales, the condition, age, and original price of the items, as well as market trends, internet comps and the regional marketplace.

Our sales are conducted onsite over two days, unless more time is needed.  Clients can expect payment 5-7 business days after the close of the sale.

Our estate sale companies effectively manage the sale of your or your loved one’s estate. We market to our extensive customer base to ensure a successful turnout. Our marketing is focused on our target audience of families, new homeowners, potential homeowners, savvy shoppers and collectors looking for unique items.  We work hard to find buyers in every niche possible.

Blue Moon has many successful franchise locations across New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC and are presently expanding across the United States to bring our high-quality estate sale services to you.  Contact us today to start the process of planning an estate sale!