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Comprehensive Estate Sales Services to Ease Your Burden

Blue Moon Estate Sales is proud to offer a complimentary evaluation of your home. Our local estate sale franchises have years of industry experience, making them uniquely qualified to answer any tough questions you may have. The decision to liquidate an estate can be complicated and overwhelming; our estate sales services ease those burdens. Our friendly staff is committed to do whatever it takes to make the estate sale process easier for you and your loved ones. We do everything; from determining a convenient time line to sweeping up after the sale, we are there to assist you throughout the entire process. Our goal is to manage your estate sale in a professional and caring manner while using our proven system to get you the most profit.
Find treasures at local estate sale franchise

Our estate sales services include but are not limited to:

  • Discuss needs and timeline.
  • Extensive research for unique valuable items.
  • Utilization of our vast database of reference guides and online resources for current market prices. Use of appraisers when necessary.
  • Appropriate pricing from antiques to the everyday items.
  • Market your sale through our many channels of advertising, including our website, social networks and our targeted customer database
  • Utilization of online estate sale website memberships.
  • Categorize and stage your home.
  • Create organized displays of all items to be sold.
  • Large items not in the sale are carefully protected and secured.
  • Secure city permits, if necessary.
  • Include a sign-up list or number system to limit the amount of customers in your home at one time.
  • Host and staff your sale.
  • Maximize proceeds of your sale by accepting major credit cards including apple/android pay. This encourages larger purchases and serves as a convenient shopping experience for customers.
  • Remaining items can be donated to charity for tax write off, if desired.
  • Provide itemized accounting spreadsheet, accounting spreadsheet and proceeds.
  • Home is broom swept after the sale.
  • All clients are paid out 5-7 business days after sale
  • Contact us today for your consultation