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Blue Moon Estate Sales franchise has a vast wealth of industry knowledge which we share with our customers and clients. Our estate sales teams have years of experience in the business, making us a great resource for a wide range of subjects. Our business expertise allows us to provide great information on franchising and business ethics. Additionally, our estate sales planning services give us the opportunity to provide information on antiques, unique items, and home staging. Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond estate sale services; we want to be your go-to resource for everything related to estate sales planning and relevant information. Read our Blue Moon Estate Sales blog to stay up to date about everything that is happening in our growing company.

Blue Moon Estate Sales is Growing!

We Are Growing! It has been a great year for Blue Moon Estate Sales! Our Raleigh operation conducted 62 sales last year but even…

What is an Estate Sale?

This question gets asked fairly often so I thought I’d post an answer. Historically, an estate referred to someone’s total personal possessions, real estate,…

Blue Moon Estate Sales Shares Useful Preparation Checklist

Estate Sales Specialists Help You Prepare For Your Estate Sale Blue Moon’s estate sales franchisees have many years of experience and industry knowledge help…