About the Owner

Jonathon and Jeannette migrated from the East to the mid-West, then the South before coming to Greenville. After raising their three children and two chocolate Labrador Retrievers, they knew it was time to answer the beckoning call of the mountains they love.  Their children are scattered from coast to coast; they count themselves blessed to have these incredible humans as their children!

Jonathon has over two decades of management experience within the healthcare arena. He leads with dependability and skills in customer service and training.  His work ethic, insight, and expertise have led him to his current position of assisting troubled accounts.  These attributes are easily translated at home while being liberally laced with his quick wit.  When encountering a challenge or difficulty, Jonathon seeks first to understand, prior to making the best decision with the known facts.  This philosophy coupled with his top-notch customer care will assist in the planning and conducting of your estate sale.


Jeannette’s career has taken her from an airline Training Specialist to a high school Teacher.  She believes being a Teacher in or outside of the home to be one of the highest callings; she works with passion and steadfastness, desiring for each student, no matter the age, to feel welcomed and valued.  For more than two decades these qualities have also touched her children and those engaging her calligraphy services.  She has enjoyed encouraging women via her blog.  It is her dedication, encouragement and insight that will enhance your experience as a client and those who shop at your estate sale.


Jonathon and Jeannette know the value of hard work and are not afraid to demonstrate it. One of their core beliefs is to leave a person and/or situation better than when they met or how they found it.  Their faith is the compass by which they live and conduct business as they serve others.  Let Jonathon and Jeannette’s caring customer service, integrity and hard work benefit you in your time of need.