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Ken Blue started the flagship operation of Blue Moon Estate Sales in 2009 during the recession. This location serves all of Wake County, NC. Ken has conducted over 500 sales and loves helping people with the transitions in their lives.

Conducting sales means building both the client base as well as the customer base and providing great service. To that end, he employs a staff of energetic, knowledgeable people who love what they do.

His background in the corporate world was in tactical buying and contractual agreements in the airline and automotive business. He earned an M.S. Degree from the University of New York in Business Management.

His interest in estate sales began with a longtime hobby of collecting and purchasing unusual antiques for the past 30 years with his wife, Deb. His special interests lie with cast iron antique toys, revolutionary & civil war artifacts, and other unique items. He also loves researching the fair market value of the many things he sells and appreciates how technology has improved conducting business day to day.

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Blue Moon Estate Sales of Raleigh owners Deb, David, and Ken Blue.