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About the Owners

Rick and Lori grew up in and have successfully raised a family of 3 kids and 20+ animals all within a stone’s throw of Memphis in Northern Mississippi.
Rick graduated with a degree in history from the University of Memphis before he spent the next 30 years working as an executive in a transportation business. Rick has a great skill and mindset about how to properly run a well-organized business front to back and will put his years of experience to work for you. Lori has always enjoyed decorating as well as making sure everyone at home has been taken care of. Once her son was born, Lori devoted herself to providing a wonderful home environment and stepping up to every challenge of having 3 kids (2 sons, 1 daughter) and multiple animals have to offer. Mediating, delegating, and putting out fires is right in Lori’s wheelhouse, and those skills she honed in the home will be on full display working for both you as a client and the customers she serves. Faith, family, and the desire to help those in need are what motivates Rick and Lori. This husband and wife team has a passion for people and building relationships in the community they have grown up in and now serve. They are excited to earn the opportunity to provide a great service with ethics, hard work, and expertise to properly liquidate an entire home for their clients and provide a great shopping experience for the customers of the Greater Mid South area.