About the Owners of Blue Moon Estate Sales Fairfax

estate sales fairfax owners Blue Moon Estate Sales Fairfax serves the Washington DC Metropolitan Area and is owned and operated by Toby and Jeff Affuso. The decision to have an estate sale can be an emotional one, typically triggered by a life event. It is our belief that the team planning and executing an estate sale must combine the empathy and compassion to assist clients during these life events with the experience, capabilities, and professionalism to optimize the sale. Toby and Jeff are that team. Toby brings 20 years of Marketing and Communications experience from the real estate industry where she has successfully managed large portfolios consistently exceeding sales and delivery goals of her clients. Toby is expert at tailoring marketing strategies and campaigns to meet specific client goals by leveraging the full range of tools and techniques including social media, print media, and in-person connectivity networking events. Her experience, high energy, and communications skills comprise the cornerstone of her success. Jeff brings 25 years of consulting experience as an executive responsible for sales and delivery serving the federal government. An Industrial Engineer and MBA, Jeff’s success has been attributed to a strong work ethic, rigor, discipline, and highly effective communications skills required to bring together diverse stakeholders and solutions to solve complex challenges. As a youth football coach, Jeff also brings the important perspective of community service and the honed skills of leadership, listening, and patience. Combined, Jeff and Toby form the ideal team to support your estate sale objectives. We will provide high impact, high integrity service based on our combined capabilities and real life experiences.