Established in 2009, Blue Moon Estate Sales was created to set the highest of standards in an unregulated industry. After five successful years in the Raleigh market, founders Deb, Ken and David Blue wanted to bring their proven business model to a larger audience. Thus, Blue Moon Estate Sales Franchising was born. 


Blue Moon Estate Sales has built a strong foundation on a solid, reproducible business plan proven to result in sales and return customers. Our dedication to integrity, compassion, professionalism and growth are the cornerstones of our success. 


We want to share our tried and true system with you. 


The estate sale industry has been fragmented by a large volume of small companies with low standards and mediocre sales. We work every day to standardize the industry to ensure that both clients and customers walk away highly satisfied. To do this, we educate our franchisees on all facets of the business, setting them up for success as self-employed professionals in this thriving industry. 


Our primary clients consist of Baby Boomers and their parents. This demographic makes up nearly 100 million individuals in the United States alone! These individuals are often relocating, downsizing or handling personal assets and need a helping hand. We provide our franchisees with the tools needed to market to this large demographic, as well as any other individuals looking for services aimed at alleviating the personal property stresses tied to major life events. At Blue Moon, we understand the sensitive nature of the industry and provide only the highest quality service to our clients and customers. 


With millions of Baby Boomers in need of estate liquidation services, there has never been a more opportune time to join this flourishing business. The industry is constantly growing. Diving into a trusted industry franchise is a great investment, not to mention fulfilling career opportunity.


The key to a successful estate sale franchise system lies in brand power, a proven business system, in-depth training and a powerful technological platform. We have it all in spades, and we’re looking for energetic, caring people to join us. There are loads of perks that come along with being a Blue Moon Estate Sales franchisee including a flexible schedule, complete market support, low startup costs and a very low overhead. 


Owning your own franchise is right within your reach.

Start your own business today! We’re just a click away!