Blue Moon Estate Sales Locations Across America

“This is the amazing company that I tell all of my friends about. I follow them around to all of their sales! Not a stalker, just a fan!”

Paula – Clemson, SC

“What a fun first time estate sale experience!”

Jodi – Austin, TX

“I am an auctioneer and realtor, have been in the business several years, and this is one of the most organized estate sales I have ever been to.”

Kim – Memphis, TX

What’s greater than a Blue Moon sale? Blue Moon Estate Sales locations all across the country! We are thrilled to continue to welcome new clients, customers and franchisees to the Blue Moon family as we continue to grow our brand and provide unparalleled quality across the U.S.

Blue Moon Estate Sales locations can be found in: 

GeorgiaNorth Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Tennessee and Pennsylvania

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GEORGIA:  Atlanta, Northern Atlanta

NEW MEXICO: Four Corners

NORTH CAROLINA: Asheville, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Rocky Mount, Goldsboro, Hickory, Raleigh, Wilmington, Greensboro

PENNSYLVANIA: Harrisburg, Pittsburgh

SOUTH CAROLINA: Charleston, Clemson, Charlotte, Greenville


TEXAS: Austin

VIRGINIA: Fairfax, Richmond


Tell your friends and family as Blue Moon Estate Sales locations continue to crop up!