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About the Owner

Blue Moon Estate Sales of Central Pennsylvania is owned and operated by Charlene Greco. She was born in Shamokin, Pa and currently lives in Marion heights with her husband Tony, and her three sons Anthony Jr, Brandon, and Mackenzie Greco. She decided to venture into this new job opportunity with Blue Moon Estate Sales because of her deep passion for collecting antique items and unique items for her home. She also saw the great opportunity to help others by staging well-organized estate sales to get the best prices for clients going through different transitions in their life. Charlene’s background is in healthcare, where she has spent 35 years as a respiratory therapist. With this background, she knows how important it is to do the best possible job for whomever she is attending to. Every day she has embraced her patients with great care, expertise, detail, and compassion and intends to carry that passion over to BMES. One of the most wonderful highlights of living is being able to help others. And from where Charlene stands, Deb, Ken, and David Blue have reinvented the estate sale business. They have done this by having extremely well-versed workers and keeping the high moral values of honesty, respect, and compassion for their clients and customers. These are the traits she holds true to be successful. To work and love what you do is everybody’s dream. This is the real deal.