The Power of A Team

Many hands make light work and that could never be truer than in the estate sales industry. Most estate liquidators usually stage an entire home either by themselves or with their partner and or family. Organizing and staging an entire home is quite the process and can take 60+ hours of labor depending on the size and the amount of stuff. With a single set of eyes, things can be missed, and especially when those eyes have been working all day.

At Blue Moon Estate Sales we use trusted teams to come in and efficiently stage and price out your home. Using our procedures and systems we have multiple sets of eyes, expertise, and skill sets to discover, and accurately price each item in the home to get Fair Market Value for our clients. Our job is to create an organized and customer friendly sale, that people can look at everything for sale and not dig through piles of stuff.

There are several reasons for having an estate sale and many people have very strict timelines of when the sale needs to be conducted. Blue Moons business model is made to handle tight time frames and still ensure our standards are met. We take great pride in our training and the continued education of our staff so that we provide a consistent service for both our clients and customers.

Let our work speak for itself. Below is before and after pictures of a house that was totally staged and priced in two days. Our team discovered one of the most impressive coin collections we’ve ever seen. This average looking home generated tens of thousands for our client. Let our experience and powerful customer base do the work for you.