Survival Guide to Estate Sales

What to Bring and How to Plan Accordingly

Customers are lining up outside of homes, in the wee hours of the morning ready for a great day of shopping at an estate sale. Whether you are new to estate sales or a been doing it for years, Blue Moon has some tips and tricks for you to make sure you are prepared for whatever you might find.

Survival Guide to Estate Sales

Show up early-The early bird gets the worm. Most companies open up sales on the weekends around 8 a.m. It is first come first serve, so be there early so all of the good stuff is still there.

Respect & Patience-Must respect everything and everyone that is involved in the process of running a home. This includes other shoppers, the property the sale is being conducted on, and the people who are working the sale. There are a lot of items and people moving around the home so be patient and enjoy the experience.

Bring the Right Tools- There are many different ways to shop our sales whether it to buy and resell, looking for a new bedroom set, or just checking out the inside of the home. Before going to a home make sure you know what you want to buy and bring the right equipment. Looking for jewelry, bring a loop, or a diamond tester and do some of your own quality control. If you are in the market for larger furniture items show up with a truck and some muscle to help move it. Estate sale companies are there to sell for the client not provide moving services for customers.  

Smile-Estate sales are unlike any other shopping experience. You are helping out a local community member remove the burden of stuff in their life, and getting quality products a great price. It is a win-win for everyone.

Bring your the right tools and smile and make sure to be on our newsletter to find out about all the Blue Moon Sales happening in your neighborhood!