The estate sale industry is moving more into the mainstream as a main option for selling entire homes and becoming a major supplier for the local secondary markets. With more and more estate liquidators popping up around the country it is important to know what to look for in a good estate liquidator. Below are four things that a good estate liquidator provides.

You Get What You Pay For

Online Reputation and Presence

There is nowhere to hide anymore as information about companies is a click away. Be on the lookout for companies with several positive and quality reviews from different third party sources. Their website should walk you through everything they will provide for you and even give out some extra information about their company and how they conduct a sale. If the website is outdated, beware as the majority of estate sale customers find their information online.

Communication Skills

This is the basis for any successful business but a company who is responsive is vital for running a successful process. You want a company that is prompt with responding from setting up the initial consultation through sending you the check.

Organized Sale & Large Customer Base

Attending a sale and doing your own research of a company you will potentially hire will tell you if they are the right estate liquidators for you. A large number of people waiting to enter the sale initially is a great sign, as it shows they have a loyal following and can bring enough people to a sale to sell-out the home. Once you enter the home look how organized everything is and if everything has a price on it. If the home is very shoppable, a home is much more likely to sell out and get fair market value for its contents.


Experience can be gained through proper training or years of service, but no matter how it is earned it is essential in estate liquidation. Experienced estate liquidators will know how to handle everything to run a successful sale from organizing and accurately pricing every item in the home to removing anything that did not sell. The liquidators should put your mind at ease and make you feel confident that they will get rid of everything in your home at a fair price.

At Blue Moon Estate Sales we strive to be the industry standard in estate liquidation. If you are unable to use our services because we are currently not in your area, it is wise to do some research and pick the one you feel most confident.