Explore Your Neighborhood From The Inside Out

In our fast paced world, we find ourselves heading down the same streets in our neighborhoods daily, and there are one or two houses that catch your eye and make us wonder, “I wonder what the inside of that home looks like?” Unless the house gets put on the market for sale – or you have very friendly neighbors, this curiosity lives on, until the day a Blue Moon Estate Sale sign shows up in the front yard.

Once a Blue Moon Estate Sales banner and street signs show up in your neighborhood, you should follow our neighborhood guide to estate sales below if you are even remotely interested in buying something you may need around the house – or of course if you have a genuine curiosity to walk through the home yourself.

Understand what an estate sale is. Most people have heard of estate sales but have never attended one and are not quite sure how they work. For all the information you need about estate sales click here.

Look online and see exactly what is for sale. A link will be uploaded to Blue Moon’s website that has pictures and descriptions of what will be sold in the home that weekend. Click here to check out what treasures you can find at a sale in your neighborhood.

Grab some neighbors and friends and show up together to get to know one another. Explore your neighborhood from the inside out, by walking through the inside of a new home, and connecting with the people who share a common living area.

Over the several years in business and over 1500 sales complete, Blue Moon employees have heard from customers,  “I have never been to an estate sale but I have gone by this house for years, and I just had to come in and see what this house looks like on the inside.”  

So grab a friend from next door, and join others in your very own neighborhood treasure hunt at a local estate sale!