Estate Sales are the ultimate pop up home goods store and also the ultimate shopping adventure. Every weekend millions of second hand goods are sold across the country directly out of people’s homes acting as a commercial retail space. Unfortunately even the most tidy homes need a ton of work to properly set up and organize to turn the home from a living to shopping space.

liquidating estates

Staging a home is when an estate liquidator comes in and lays out the entire home’s content on display. Everything that is in attics, closets, cabinets, drawers, plastic containers, and every other nook that has belongings, needs to be in organized and displayed to properly liquidate your home.

Making a home shoppable is no small feat and takes hours of intense labor, and skilled planning to make a pop-up department store inside your home. An organized sale benefits both the customers shopping and the clients you are working for in a number of ways.  


  • More likely to find a what they are looking for or a hidden gem they were not looking and need in their life.
  • Can locate the price tag of items easily. Unpriced items frustrate customers.
  • Allows customers to shop by looking instead of digging through piles of merchandise.
  • Makes the home shoppable and gives them a feel that it is a real store and not just a home.
  • If it looks professional and feels professional more likely they are to return to sales.


  • Allows more items to be seen and touched leading to more things being sold.
  • Will be able to get more items sold for fair market value because it is not a garage sale.
  • High value things will not get lost in the shuffle and be sold under market value.
  • More people will come to sales that are more organized. More people means more items sold and more money in your pocket.

If you’re looking to use an estate sale company or wanting to shop at a local sale, find the companies who take the time to properly organize and stage a home. As a client you will have less things to throw away, and a bigger number in your bank account. As a customer it will allow for a wonderful shopping experience as you support your local community estate sale. A company with consistent well organized sales, is a company that puts in the dirty work for both their clients and customers, which is required for a service industry business.