Find What Floats Your Boat

It is time to put away those heavy winter clothes and bust out the fun in the sun attire. With warm weather approaching, opportunities to enjoy the outdoors is ever present, but are you prepared? This, of course, depends on what type of activities you will be doing, but no matter how big or small let Blue Moon Estate Sales provide the tools that floats your boat for all your spring and summer outdoor activities.

Estate sales are a great place to find all sorts of tools for lawn and garden care. Every weekend there are garages full of everything a botanist or lawn perfectionist could ever need. Shovels, rakes, hand shovels, working gloves, weed whackers, weed smackers, planting pots, water hoses, and even a few lawn gnomes. Hooks for hanging plants, metal vine gates, and plenty of decorative fountains can all be yours this summer to give your outdoor space the fung shui it has been lacking.
Are you big into the outdoors or looking to start? Tents, tarps, and all other types of camping gear are available every weekend at an estate sale near you. Depending on where you are located there just might be a few fishing rods as well.

Looking for a fun activity to do with your kids? We have sold hundreds of summer lawn games like polish golf, bocci ball, croquet, frisbee golf and much more. Maybe you are looking to help furnish the kid’s playhouse or refurbish an old table or chair with your partner. These can all be found at your local estate sales for a great price and hours of family bonding time.
Spring has sprung and summer vacation is right around the corner. If you are a little behind have no fear, Blue Moon Estate Sales will make sure you are prepared for all your outdoor activities this spring and summer.

floats your boat

Check out what outdoor essentials are available this weekend at a Blue Moon Estate Sale near you.