Better than OJ: Take Your Main Squeeze Shopping At Estate Sales

Here's a fresh dating idea!

Today’s dating world is very different than in any other time in history. There are more opportunities to find a potential suitor through social media, algorithms for finding love, happy hours and the latest fad of “swiping right” happening in every city across the country. With so much opportunity the challenge is to be different from the herd.

Grabbing a drink at a local watering hole, going to the movies are classics but honestly, a little played out. Taking a walk in the park has become a little trickier since you will undoubtedly be interrupted by a flock Pokemon hunters. I am truly sorry for ruining all of your great ideas but if you are really looking to impress that special someone it is time to take a weekend adventure in your own city at a local estate sale.
No idea what an estate sale is? In short, an estate sale is a weekend pop up store in a person’s home that sells anything and everything from cars and fine jewelry to the latest in repurposing. Click here for a complete guide to estate sales.

Shopping At Estate Sales

Walking into a stranger’s home leaves even the most confident person stepping on eggshells so it would be a great idea to check a sale out yourself before bringing a date. The best-run estate sales will have plenty of signs to help instruct you and there are always “regulars” more than willing to help a lost soul.

Be sure to enter the sale with a childlike mind on the hunt for an undiscovered treasure and story. Once you and your date are inside there are a few things you can do help bolster the experience especially if you are not shopping for anything in particular.

  • Go your separate ways and find the strangest/most interesting item you can. Make up a story of why/how it got into the house or where it originally came from.
  • Look for something that reminds you of your childhood and then tell each other the reason/story why.
  • Walk through the home re-create the story of who lived in the home.
  • Find the most interesting person at the sale (aside from your partner) and strike up a conversation. (Older people are cool and usually have the best stories, trust me)
  • Help someone move a large piece of furniture and earn some charm and empathy points with your partner.
  • If you’re into resale, not only is this the perfect place to buy, but it’s the perfect place for a little competition. (So who can buy the strangest piece and resell it for the most!)

Estate sales will provide several hidden gems through the goods being sold and the people you will interact with. They are a great opportunity to get know someone and have a new and exciting shared experience that you can potentially build a relationship on. Whether you are trying to impress someone new or looking for adventure with your old ball and chain, checking out a local estate sale this summer is a great place to start!