Blue Moons’ estate sales franchisees have many years of experience and industry knowledge help you best prepare for your estate sale. Our estate sales experts are sensitive to the difficult task of liquidating of your family’s assets. We have developed a checklist of the most important things you can do before an estate sale to help make the estate sale process easier on you and your family. For your ease and convenience, we have provided an estate sale planning checklist. Look below to read our comprehensive estate sale preparation guide.

Decide What to Keep: Go through all assets and decide what is valuable to you and your family. Remove these items from the estate to ensure they are kept safe. This allows for a quick and efficient professional estate assessment.

Remove Broken and Unusable Items: Remove all items which are broken or beyond repair. These items are not saleable or valuable to you or potential estate sales customers. Do NOT throw away usable items, even if they are old. Some of the items you see as junk could actually be a valuable antique or rare item. Our professional estate sale experts have years of experience to help them decide what is and is not considered valuable.

Remove Personal Items: Gather all personal documents and remove them from the estate. Personal items include: social security cards, military documents, medical bills, family photos, birth certificates, passports, bank statements, paystubs, prescription drugs, and any other document with personal information. Keeping these out of the estate during the sale removes any possibility of compromising you or your family’s personal security.

Get a Professional Assessment: A professional estate sales assessor ensures you receive the most return on your estate sale. Blue Moon Estate Sales also determines if there is enough to warrant an estate sale.

Let the Professionals Do Their Job: Your estate sales team takes the rest of the responsibilities of your sale upon themselves, so you can get the best sales results possible. Blue Moon Estate Sales staffs and hosts your sale, provides tables and display racks, prepares staging areas, promotes expensive items, advertises your sale, and clean up after.

Our estate sales planning checklist is a guide on how to begin the liquidation of your estate. Blue Moon Estate Sales’ dedication to customer satisfaction and confidence mean you can come to us for assistance with every step of the estate sales process. We offer free consultations and comprehensive estate sales services to ensure your estate sale runs smoothly and efficiently. Our estate experts have the industry expertise to deliver the best results and generate the most sales possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the sale of your estate, contact the friendly professionals at Blue Moon Estate Sales.