4 Things to Prepare for an Estate Sale Consultation

Whether you have made the decision or are looking to explore your options, there are a few things to do before having a Blue Moon representative come through your home to prepare for an estate sale.

1. Understand your Timeline

  • Timing of the sale is often times a deciding factor as to whether Blue Moon will be able to provide it’s services. We generally need 2 weeks notice to ensure enough time to properly advertise the sale. If it is a very time sensitive matter please make sure to state that when asking for a consultation.

2. Decide what stays and what goes

  • What can be sold at an estate sale: Almost everything! We sell everything from kitchenware to fine china, utilitarian
    furniture to fine antiques, bicycles to cars, costume jewelry to gold and silver. For a better idea check out the photos of one of our upcoming sales to see exactly what we sell.
  • Whether everything is labeled and organized or just thrown in a closet, make sure you have a general idea about what you would like to keep. Start treasure hunting in your own home prior to a  Blue Moon representative is walking through and evaluating the contents of the home.
  • This includes everything in attics and crawl spaces. We run into problems when our team begins to clear out these spaces and homeowners did not realize what was in boxes in the attic and want to keep items. If you have any storage units, safety deposit boxes, or things laying around at your relatives/friends garage, let the Blue Moon representative know what you will be adding to the sale as well.
  • Tip: Past clients have went around the home and labeled everything they wanted to keep with blue painters tape. This will help speed up the consultation and avoid answering the question “is this for sale” with every item in the home. This will give us a good idea about just how much will be in the estate sale.

3. Extra information about items around the homeHow to prepare for an estate sale

  • It is not required but is always extremely useful to have any and all information you have about specialty and designer items that you have. Providing information about what you paid for something as well as any paperwork or knowledge on designer and brand name items such as jewelry, clothing, rugs, furniture, or artwork are all helpful in determining fair market value and the promotion of the sale. Items that have been signed by or belonged to someone well known always need a certificate of authentication.

4. Removal of garbage and unsellable items

  • We are not a garbage removal/cleaning service. You can remove any broken, non-repairable items. Do not throw out usable items just because they are old. We do not sell personal documents, family photos, hazardous materials, illegal items, tobacco, alcohol or medications, undergarments or toiletries.
  • We will only sell quality second hand goods that are in acceptable condition. This does not mean things cannot have general wear and tear but we can not sell anything that is broken or extremely dirty. If you look at a particular item and do not think a consignment, second hand shop, or donation service would not accept the item, we will not be able to sell it either.


Unsure of what can be sold at estates sale or exactly what an estate sale is?

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