Shopping Estate Sales Is Shopping Local

Supporting local businesses is essential for the economy. We are happy to provide the opportunity for our customers to support their local communities.

Most people do not remember the days before the “everything” corporate stores started popping up in every city across the U.S. These stores are pretty fantastic as it is a one-stop shop for everything from whipped cream to home décor to lawn care. These mega stores can be great as they provide jobs in the community and consumers can get all their favorite very commercialized little knick knacks that make a house a home.

Unfortunately the downside to these mega stores is most if not all of their inventory is manufactured in a far off place and much of your money will not be circulating in your community. They are all very similar in terms of layout and goods they sell. Walking into these stores is a little “blah” since there is really no surprise to the types of thing you will find.

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Before these “everything” stores popped up shopping local was the only real option. There were multiples stores that specialized in one area and the shop owners were hard working people in the community they served. The money that was spent in their store was not shipped to some far off place but used at other local businesses.

Now much of these mom and pop shops have gone to the way side and shopping local is not a simple as it used to be. Shopping at a local estate sales is just like going to the farmers market just for everything inside and out of a home and not so many vegetables. Farmers markets have become the latest craze in the shopping local movement for 3 major reasons. The quality of the product is fantastic at a fair price, there is a chance for a serendipitous moment and the consumer knows the money is going to a local farmer/business. All of this creates great value not only for you as a consumer, but for the community you live.

The qualities that have pushed farmers markets into the mainstream are what Blue Moon Estate Sales is providing in communities all over the country. Estate sales should never be confused with garage sales because an estate sale will provide an entire home’s contents from the soap to the silver; Where as a garage sale will have much less variety and generally lower quality goods. Similar to a farmers market the quality of products you find at an estate sale are fantastic and at a fair price.  It is also the greenest way to get rid of a bunch of stuff and put some money in your pocket.

Farmers markets are cool because there is always a chance to stumble on something new or interesting compared to walking into a cookie cutter grocery store. Well estate sales are filled with something interesting. First of all no two sales are ever the same so every estate sale you go to is a brand new adventure. Second, the best sales always come with the most interesting stuff. At Blue Moon there has been canons, monkey shag rugs, vintage records, fine art, and massive coin collections to name a few things. Each home contains a new story, a new adventure and all you have to do is wake up a little earlier on the weekend.

Every Blue Moon location is owned and operated by a member of the community and the same goes for those who work at the sale. All of the goods that are for sale are from a member of your community. The money you spend at an estate sale stays within the community and goes to a local business and family of the community.

Shopping local is a great way to support your local economy and just like farmers markets, estate sales is as local as it get. If you are need of a new couch, garden tools, or fine jewelry. Check out a local estate sales near you.

Our Franchise Model

Now most people are thinking, Blue Moon is a national franchise how am I buying local from a national brand. Check out How Franchising Works for a complete guide to help you understand what our franchise model looks like and how it’s helping out your community.