The Estate Sale Secrets that second hand store owners don’t want you to know about!

Have you ever driven by an antique, thrift, or second hand store and wondered where do they get all of that stuff? Most people would believe it came from donations, being sold on consignment, bought at an auction house, and you would be partially right. They also scour the Internet for things being given away on craigslist, Ebay, and several other auction websites. This is where some of their inventory comes from but most of these shopkeepers rely heavily on one thing to pack their stores to the brim week after week, estate sales. Lets shine some light on some estate sale secrets.

Figure out all the estate sale secrets

Estate sales are very different then garage sales as the entire home’s contents are for sale, and that includes high quality, valuable, and interesting things.  From soap to silver and everything in between is offered to be sold. The estate sale industry is considered to be the wholesaler to the second hand market place. Without estate sales second hand shops would not be able to operate and would have very boring inventory.

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