Estate Sales: The Stigma… And The Reality

Chances are when you hear about Estate Sales the stigma is that you think of a mothball smelling home with dusty, outdated furniture. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of Blue Moon Estate Sales consist of those downsizing for a move, empty nesters simply no longer needing space, or just someone wanting to minimize and simplify their lives. Inevitably, there is a portion of our sales that occur as a result of those that have passed. Rest assured we receive immense gratitude from families that their loved ones’ belongings are given a new life for someone to enjoy.

This is great news for those looking for quality second hand items. Our meticulous process of choosing quality homes cuts out the less desirable estates from the process leaving you with an unlimited inventory of quality goods. Goods that you’re not going to estate sales the stigma and realityfind at your local mall!

What can you find at an estate sale? The obvious is home furnishings, personal belongings and everyday items that you’d find at any home store. The less anticipated is the occasional lion skin rug, vintage Star Wars memorabilia or even carats of diamonds. The greatest thing is that you never know what you may find, and the fun of the hunt kicks in. And be forewarned, once you are bitten by the estate sale bug, there’s no turning back.  We have legions of followers that come to shop and explore every week.

Whether it’s civil war memorabilia, vinyl records or mid-century modern decor that makes you tick, rest assured you won’t be disappointed visiting one of our expertly staged sales that offer affordable prices. So give an estate sale a chance, and make it a family event. There’s plenty for kids of all ages to enjoy that’s easy on your wallet. We’ll see you soon!

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