Blue Moon Estate Sales is continuing to build our team! We have 17 franchisees operating 21 territories. We one of the largest estate sale providers in the country. Why is this important when looking for an estate sale company to handle your needs? Because there is strength in numbers and knowledge that comes from building our team and our base. There are millions of items in the world. We have teams with years of experience in pricing these items. Each with individual areas of expertise.  We also have a cutting edge database that is compiling anything ever sold at our sales.  This allows us to take the art form out of pricing and flex our true strength.  We know what our customers are buying and how much they’re spending.  It’s really cool and it took us years to develop. Strength In Numbers with estate sale franchise This industry has long been dominated by numerous “mom and pop” operations, leading to a lot of variability in knowledge and service. Boy, have we heard the stories… It is what inspired us to become the industry leader. Some estate sale companies have just weeks or months of experience and do just a handful of sales per year. We rely on a much higher volume and have full time professionals who completely understand market trends, pricing, marketing, and customer service to ensure the best in sales results. Contact Blue Moon Estate Sales franchise teams for a free consultation. We can be contacted through our many local numbers or our central number: