Our Core Values

We have been proactive in defining our culture as a brand and formulating a clear direction in which we will continue to move into the future. Every decision we make is based on our five core values. These values are ingrained in everything we do as a service-oriented business and as an industry-leading brand.

Blue Moon Experience


With a growth mindset, the opportunity to improve is directly related to our work ethic and passion for anything in life, including being a business owner. We ask that every franchise owner learns and embraces this mindset to not only improve as a business owner but have a continued thirst for knowledge and improvement in everything they do. Growth always comes from inner desire and the continued action of learning and seeking experience.

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Communication is a two-way process and involves how we send and receive messages. Within our organization effective communication is a must as there are multiple levels of the business in which we need to communicate. Whether it is speaking with our clients and/or customers, effective communication is key to a successful organization.


Integrity is defined as having a clear definition of right from wrong and practicing it in every decision and action you take as a business owner and in your personal life.

We practice integrity every day and it starts with understanding the value of the services we all provide. Our goal is to provide the most honest and professional estate liquidation service in the country with clear systems, guidelines, and true transparency. We believe our role is to be the standard of the unregulated estate sales industry.

It is always easy to have integrity in the good times when there are many eyes around, but what truly makes a great business owner and brand, is continuing to practice integrity when the times are bad and no one is watching. We are responsible to have integrity with our clients and customers.

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An obligation and willingness to accept responsibility and follow through the necessary steps to achieve your goals/actions.

The identity of a brand comes from providing great service on a consistent basis and always being held accountable for our actions. It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do that we are to be held accountable for. To continue leading the industry everyone needs to take responsibility of being their own boss and brand ambassador to their customers and clients.

grit as a fern growing from between stones


Grit is passion and perseverance for very long term goals. It is sticking with your future day in and day out not just for the week, or the month, but for years” -Angela Duckworth The services we provide to our community and the smiles on the people we serve motivate us to continue on the best and worst days of the job.