We Don’t Sell Homes, We Sell Out Homes


Now that the busy season has hit in real estate, it is a must to find a great agent to help with a smooth life transition. If you are moving into a bigger space or downsizing your home, the question becomes, “What do I do with all my stuff?” Or, “How am I going to fill this house?” By no means is this an easy task, and we are here to help.

In most cases, real estate agents leave the burden of estate liquidation to the homeowner with little to no help. Even the best and most experienced realtors cannot help you with this predicament.

BMES has locations up and down the east coast and is quickly spreading across the country. With over 1500 sales company wide, we are the trusted experts to get you the most bang for your buck in a timely and trustworthy fashion. There is simply no competition that will provide the quality that you deserve in this time of need. The first step is a consultation, and we take care of the rest from there.

Real Estate Agents:

At Blue Moon Estate Sales we are looking to give any and all Real Estate Agents a leg up on the competition. If you are a new agent getting into the game or an established agent looking to provide a better service for your clients, it is a great idea to have a reputable liquidation company to turn to.

Our most established agents have resources at hand to help their clients in all situations, and our services have proven to meet those needs.  Our amazing reviews speak for themselves, and we’d be happy to refer those we work with as confirmation. Together we can make our lives a bit easier, all the while meeting the client’s needs.  

Check out if there is a Blue Moon location near you to team up with, you won’t regret it!