Make your house a home for the holidays.

Thanksgiving leftovers are now gone and everywhere you look the winter holidays are in full effect in the stores, streets, and television sets. It is that time of year when you get to dust off all those amazing holiday decorations to try and counteract the cold winter darkness with hot cocoa and holiday cheer. Have you almost no holiday swag(decorations) to make each room in your house a winter wonderland? If this sounds like you then there are a couple of options; 1 Head on over to the local superstore and find yourself getting lost in the isles of brand new and shiny ornaments and decorations that are probably a little boring and corporate feeling with a very large price tag attached to everyone one of them. Option 2 Let Blue Moon Estate Sales holidazzle your house up this season. Nearly every Blue Moon Estate Sale has an entire closet or room that is dedicated to holiday decorations that people collect over a lifetime. You will be able to find some instant classic ceramic tree ornaments and Santa’s to wreaths, lights, and stockings. In need of a great “ugly sweater” or new holiday mugs for the upcoming party’s, then skip going to a second-hand store and go straight to the source at an estate sale near you. For a change of pace, this holiday season, go check out a Blue Moon estate sale and let us help turn your house into a home this holiday season.