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From The Kitchen Table To An Enterprise

Ken and Deb Blue moved from Lake Geneva Wisconsin to Raleigh North Carolina in 2008. Ken took a corporate job and within a month of moving had lost his job as the height of the recession had hit America. Always having a passion for “stuff” Ken and Deb in 2009 decided to start their own estate sales industry.

The very first sale ever done by Blue Moon Estate sales was in 1200 square foot double wide trailer about an hour outside of Raleigh in what could be described as the middle of nowhere. After two weeks of staging and pricing the home it was time for the sale. Thankfully the owners had many relatives and after a two day sale the trailer was nearly empty. After all the expenses, Ken barely broke even on the sale but that did not matter as he had found something he truly had a passion for. From there Blue Moon Estate Sales would continue to mature and become a household name in the Raleigh market.

One day while driving, Deb passed a billboard that said “Franchise your business” and the light bulb popped in her head. She saw the fragmented estate sale market as an opportunity that needed a dominant brand to standardize this unregulated industry. The first ever estate sales concept on the market, plans were made to share the Blue Moon Estate Sale business model with others. It took some serious convincing but in 2011 David Blue (son) came to Raleigh to help make this dream a reality.

When David arrived, he infused the company with some new energy and ideas all while learning the estate sales and franchise industry from the ground up. For the next 2 years the Blue’s put their heads down and continued to develop the necessary systems to scale their concept to cities around the country. On June 1st, 2013 Blue Moon Estate Sales was offering franchise opportunities to communities and people dedicated to our core values and vision.

Today Blue Moon Estate Sales has 17 franchise owner’s, operating in 22 markets, across 7 states.

Quality Coast To Coast

Blue Moon Franchisees go through a rigorous training and ethics program before they open for business. Our estate sale team’s pride themselves on our mission, our values, our experience, and our results. We teach these values and traditions to each new franchisee, ensuring our methods expand throughout the United States. When you call Blue Moon Estate Sales there will be no doubt in the level of quality you’ll receive.

Our Estate Sales Planning Mission

Our specialists are committed to consistently meeting our customer’s needs. Blue Moon provides residential, commercial, and moving liquidation services with your preferences and needs in mind. With our dedication to high standards and excellence of service, we ensure our clients are always satisfied.

Our Estate Sale Company Values

Our peerless reputation and professional estate sale services provides our clients with a profitable estate sale without any of the hassle. Exceptional customer service is more than just a courtesy; it’s a helpful resource during times of change. We are dedicated to providing the care, support, and discretion necessary during the estate sales process. Our estate sales team is staffed with friendly, energetic people you can trust for professionalism and understanding. Superior business ethics along with reasonable and competitive commission rates have helped us become a household name.

Years of Estate Sales Experience

Our locations have served hundreds of families with our services. An integral part of the estate sale process is listening to our clients’ needs and meeting their expectations. Our years of experience in every part of the estate sale process allow us to consistently exceed our client’s’ expectations in both customer service and sales.

We are experienced estate liquidators who are highly knowledgeable in the antique and collectibles business. Our estate sales credentials also include years of merchandise organization, retail strategy, and small business marketing strategies. Our years of experience have provided us with a unique set of estate sale service techniques and standards. The result of this experience and knowledge is a creative, and alluring shopping environment which increases the bottom line for our clients.

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Top Estate Sales Results

Our estate sales staff is dedicated to exceptional results through the use of our many years of experience. By sticking to our mission to satisfy your needs we consistently exceed your customer service expectations. Keeping with our values, we stay dedicated to providing a level of care, support and discretion you can trust. All of this combined with our professional experience in business and estate sale services generate successful sales and many satisfied customers!